Start of Crowd farming

Today crowd farming makes it possible for everybody to participate in beneficial livestock growing. Investing in livestock allows investors to earn money regardless of their location. Purchased livestock grows on specific farm till maturity. Matured livestock is sold at market with investors benefitting from the value gain. Bio Agro’s role is to work as a mediator between investors and farmers allowing parties to earn money through healthy growth of a livestock. This concept allows small farmers to get extra profit through raising additional livestock while bringing high margins to livestock investors with almost no risk involved.

Livestock growing farmers receive fixed compensation to cover their costs. For this reason farmers have no interest in giving livestock chemicals to enhance growth as they receive fixed fees and do not profit from extra weight of the animal.

The result of this farmers and investors cooperation is naturally grown animals and fish at the price below or equal to industrially raised livestock.

Since ancient times agriculture and animal farming have always been a stronghold of any economy. Today animal farming became industrialised in most of its parts with big companies taking over small farmers while using hormones and pesticides to enhance fast growth for bigger profits. Bio Agro’s crowd farming model mostly aims at individual farmers who are not using any hormones but letting their animals walk on pastures securing healthy and natural growth. Such animals are always in high demand on the market allowing for faster sale at higher price.

Through involving individual farmers in raising investor’s livestock Bio Agro contributes to delivery of fresh and hormone free food from the farms to consumers.