Start earning money by growing your livestock with us.

Start your own farming by purchasing an animal or fish and let the professional farmers take care of it till it is sold at maturity. Grow your animal watching the progress everyday through your online account. Sell it for steady price.
ypes livestock to grow are available at Active Farms page. Lists of farms where livestock is being grown can be found at Our Farms and Partners page.

Once you made a purchase you can visit the farm to pick up the livestock at any time or sell through us at maturity. We have lodging places at some of our farms where owners can stay to watch their livestock growing.

Our livestock is raised in different agricultural areas thoroughly selected to have the climate and soil combination best fit certain type of livestock.

The livestock-growing farmers watching the livestock are working under centralized contract farming model. Farmer is responsible for taking care of the livestock till maturity and bears full responsibility for any loss or damage investor’s livestock. As far as farmer is growing his own livestock as well it is used as a collateral if part of investor’s livestock is damaged or lost. Thus livestock owners are secured from most of the risks.

To assure the diligent performance Bio-Agro group controls all farmers 24/7 to ensure that nothing happens to the livestock till it is sold at maturity.

Livestock owners are deemed to benefit from their investments.
Whether livestock is sold at maturity or picked up at the farm within the growing period, owner profits from the gained value.

Market prices on meat and fish remain stable most of the time, which locks in the owner’s profit when grown livestock is to be sold.