I was growing cabbage on 100 hectares for several years getting the same yield almost every year. “Bioagro” helped me to finance new Israeli greenhouse system that allowed me to get fivefold the harvest from the same area.
Today I am using only 10 hectares of that land for cabbage getting the same yield. I really appreciate “Bioagro” assistance in helping me both financially and technologically to increase the productivity of my fields. Thus 90 % of my land I am using for other agricultural products that allow me to substantially raise my profits.

I was raising different sort of apples in Quba, Azerbaijan, which is famous for its soils and climate for apple growing. However I had a problem with storing of my apples as the price was going up significantly within a year if apples are sold towards summer.
Bio agro helped me to finance and construct fridges for apple storage that allowed apples to be stored in perfect condition for a long time. Once built fridges paid themselves off within two years as I started to sell apples almost two times as expensive as before benefiting on seasonality.

I set up my green house to grow tomatoes five years ago. I was loosing part of my harvest due to different tomato diseases from year to year. “Bio agro” provided me specialists who helped me to establish proper care in order to grow disease free tomatoes. This really helped me a lot as I could finally start expanding with no risk of loosing the harvest.

For more than 10 years I was involved in sheep breeding and always wanted to start growing cows. However this was not possible due to a number of reasons. Financial burden along with lack of knowledge and technology made my wish for expanding remain on paper. When I turned to Bio Agro I was not expecting too much. To my surprise after careful analysis of my situation they offered me a perfect solution. I got financing using my sheep as a collateral and I was given specialists who took care of cattle farm set up and maintenance. This helped me to achieve a significant growth in volume and diversify my business.

Through all my life I was dealing with fish farming. The major problem I experienced in Salian region of Azerbaijan was the Baklans and Seaguls stealing the fish from the farm lakes in winter. That was the major limit for fish growing during winter periods when these migratory birds were in the same spot. When I applied to Bio Agro for some other issues they offered me a solution to a bird problem. I could not even believe that such type of solution exists. However I was told how to cover lakes with a thin net that does not allow birds to get fish from above the surface.
I hardly believed it but decided to give it a try. I was really shocked when no more birds could steal fish from above the surface and I was able to grow fish two times a year.