Let’s go hunting

Let’s go Farming

Bio Agro always tries to do its best in serving livestock owners of Bio Agro.

We are offering our customers to come and watch their own livestock grow at some of our farms.

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    Astara fish farm tourism

    Astara fish farm tourism is located in picturesque spot in southern part of Azerbaijan near Astara fish farm.

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    Neftchalar fish farm tourism

    Neftchalar fish farm tourism is located 150 miles from Baku, Azerbaijan. The entire region is fish growing region.

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    Lenkoran cow farm tourism

    Lenkoran cow farm tourism is located near Fort Ilyich bay on Caspian Sea where company was catching sturgeon before transforming to Bio Agro.


You can come at stay at any of these farms in comfortable cottages that are set up as hunter`s houses with all the amenities.

Those who would like to further explore natural beauties of Azerbaijan we are offering hunter trips to different regions of Azerbaijan.