March 12 2016

Government introduced a new law that allows each person growing a cow to receive a donation of 100$ for each cow brought to the country. This incentive is aimed at helping individual farmers to cope with set up costs of arranging buffalo farms. With starting of the farm requiring heavy investments into the land and equipment Government created an incentive for farmers to increase the population of bulls and buffalos in order to substitute growing import. This incentive was well taken by lots of small farmers who started purchasing young breeding cows while getting compensated up to the thirty percent of the livestock costs.

February 18 2016

Growing number of farmers started to apply for partnership under contract farming model for animal and fish growing. Most of the farmers were applying from Astara and Ouz region where fruitful soils allow farmers to grow animals and fish with lots of natural foods on pastures. Many of the lakes of the region do not require any food contribution to grow fish as abundance of different natural processes happening around the lake allows lot of naturally created food particles get into the lake and transform into the fish food. Many farmers from Astara region are joining the Bio Agro with intention to grow fish and bulls in order to sell the at contracted price. The reason is compensation for growing costs.

While getting paid steady fees for growing bulls farmers take livestock to grass abundant pastures saving on food and getting fully grown bulls with almost no costs for growing involved.

16th April 2015

President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliev issued second law act regarding agricultural development of Azerbaijan.
On the 16 the of January 2015 president introduced new recommendations regarding development of agricultural sector and facilitation of food delivery from farm to retail stores and markets.
Delivery of the products locally and increase of agricultural export were considered one of the most important tasks. Agricultural sector of Azerbaijan should turn into locomotive of today’s economy as one of the most important non-oil source of income.

12 July 2015

The ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan extended its power to control and annual situation with harvest of vegetables. New departments of planning and consulting were set up to help farmers be able to plan their harvest at least one year in advance to avoid price supply and demand imbalance.
Through implementation of new demand forecasting methods ministry would be able to advice farmers about the next year demand on certain agricultural products. That would provide an significant help to farmers who were always suffering from either wastage or shortage of the produce for sale.

1st August 2015

Azerbaijan Government introduced a new law of creation of agricultural park in such regions of Azerbaijan as Gandja, Linkoran, Xachmaz, Kizi and others. Azerbaijan business expert Vugar Bairamov mention that the goal of such parks is to create a combination of different farming and refining facilities in order to get a ready produce to the market.

15 September 2015

A new modern system of electronic accounting of all agricultural farms was introduced. The system would allow local head of Azerbaijan regions to know more about the needs and performance of local farmer and faster react to the signals to facilitate the development of individual farmers. Besides financial help individual farmers would be able to receive consultation and gather important contacts for business development way faster, which is crucial for farming industry.

13 October 2015

A new law regarding the improvement of education in agricultural sector. Government plans to introduce new disciplines as well as new institutions that would devote completely to agricultural sector of Azerbaijan. Whether it is production, accounting or distribution, all would be connected to agricultural sector. Such professional schools are to be open in Linkoran, Sheki, Gandja and others. Most of the school would be set up on the place of old ones tat existed at the time of Soviet era.

25 November 2015

Agricultural fund of Azerbaijan expanded its credit portfolio through issuing credits to more than 84 agricultural plants of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan country attempts to stimulate non-oil sector of the economy. The development of new agricultural facilities not only helps to decrease unemployment but also allows to substitute a wide range of food items that were imported before. Thus importing of the products decreasing year by year with new industries producing so much stuff that it is ready for export.

15 December 2015

Seven month ago on 9th of May 2015 the Azerbaijan Agricultural Exhibition took place.
The first results of new contacts signed between members of agricultural forum can be already seen today.
For the last 6 month of 2015 the production of meat increased by 1.7%, milk by 3.3%, eggs by 11.5%. The export of meat first started to take place. Besides contracts related to mainstream produce there were also several important contracts that includes rising of some Azerbaijan national breeds of goats, camels, sheep’s and ancient breed of mountain riding horses.